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Trust issues-cancelled my order

Ordering something online from a company in another country is an unnerving experience and it takes a leap of faith to do so. I am surprised that customers have to ask for updates when the estimated shipping date passes. Toward building a reputation of trust and reliability, one would think Massdrop would provide an update on or before the estimated shipping date. After all, they have my money. I cancelled my order today and I hope I do not have any problems having my funds reversed back to my card. Yikes.

I"ve not had any issues with Massdrop and as far as cancelling goes they don't actually offer that as a policy. Once the drop ends you are locked in in all but exceptional circumstances. If they offered it to you, it was out of a customer focus and against their standard operating procedures. If you want something fast don't use Massdrop. This method of purchasing is called a Group Buy and typically they were organized ad hoc on various social media with little to no communication about status. Massdrop is heads and tails above other group buy organizations but this style is certainly not for everyone.
Massdrop pretends to give the option of cancelling the order, The same day they informed me I have the option of cancelling my order I asked to cancel it. Their response was that it had already shipped so they cannot cancel it. I asked for shipping information and have been waiting days for a response. So it looks like they are choosing to ignore my request because they are unable to provide shipping information because they have not shipped it. So they lie to keep the money? So it appears.
You do what you are most comfortable doing. My experience is that Massdrop has had excellent communication about shipping. They have sent me emails with an update when the original estimated ship date arrives and there is a delay. Granted they are vague and do not give specific details like "will ship by XX". Most online retailers will only give out a single notice, at time of shipping.
I have also bought so many items from Asian sources on ebay, that I have moved way past the "leap of faith" mentality. Most transactions work OK enough to make up for the few that might go sideways.
I'll hit you back after I receive my order to let you know my outcome.
Sorry to hear that. Definitely follow your instincts. If your uncomfortable then you should cancel your order. Good luck!
I live in the states so I can't really level with you. But i'm very patient when it comes to online orders (and the food industry, since I've worked it before). If you ever feel like joining a drop again and a screw up happens, just know that if you contact CS and are nice/convey the problem clearly that they do a great job. Patience is a virtue!
I agree with you eric. it takes time for these drops to all be organized and its actually a miracle they respond to you. lol some other similar sites do not even reply because they are so busy