Jun 25, 201799 views

Anyone else interested in a motorcycle category? (Mostly gear/accessory)

I personally think it would be pretty awesome to have that. Riding gear is expensive and it's hard to find deals. Also accessories such as tank bags and such (universal items), would be amazing.
I also think it would go hand in hand with the lightweight, edc, and headphones
Nick Rados, gorian2222, and 32 others

Yep. I have a couple and camp quite a bit when l ride. Combining the two works well for me...
Sena helmet Bluetooth communicators would be a good drop choice, as well as apparel and tank bags, electronics mounts, Givi luggage, helmets, etc. -Kermudjin
I would definitely be interested in one. Jackets, Gloves, Helmet, Accessories, Toolkits. I think it'd work.
Rain-suits, reflective gear, frame sliders, motorcycle rear-stands... all things that would have interest
LED Bag lights are a hot item in some markets and might be here too. Also Bluetooth integration for your helmets, :) Both are universal and widely needed items.