Jun 30, 2016

What's the next piece of equipment you want to buy

I am always fascinated by the wide array of equipments/lenses/cameras available on the market, as well as the ones that are on the horizon.

Wondering what's the next piece of equipment everyone here have their eyes on.

I am currently lusting over a Hasselblad X1D (http://www.hasselblad.com/x1d). I've been wanting to experiment with medium format photography for many many years. The versatility of the raw image, tonality, and the dynamic range for an average digital MF sensor is just completely on a different level vs. the best of the 35mm digital sensor.

Barrier to entry for digital MF photography has always been very high due to the cost and the size of the equipment. I have very high hope that X1D is a sign that digital medium format cameras will become more approachable and common in the near future.


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Going to beg getting the Samyang XP 14mm f/2.4 within a month's time. Really excited for a nice wide-angle, never have had one to my name.
nikon d7500
A nice E-Mount f1.4 Lens.
You should look at getting an m42 lens with the 18mm mount, they have some really nice and clean bokehs FOR CHEP
Don't get it. I've used it a lot, like a lot; and I'm not a fan. The images are amazing and the glass is "getting better", but it's a studio camera disguised as an all around mirrorless camera.

It routinely overheats, and if you shoot fast it won't save each image you take, if you're shooting in continuous mode.

Go with the Fuji GFX, it's more concise and functions better
Leica M10. I'll have to sell off a bunch of gear to finance it, though.
ain't that the truth :'(
The Sony a6000, if I had the money.
looking at either the Sony A9 or the Fujifilm x-t2
I don't know much about cameras but that camera is beautiful AF...

I have an older Nikon D90 that I used in college, wouldn't mind getting some new nicer lenses for it.
Burned out on digital 6 years ago after about 8,000 images over a decade. I am a landscape/garden photographer, and while digital is useful for very, very close shots, I do not like the look of digital landscape shots. Digital images are flattened, trees look like they don't have any branches pointing at you, and mountains look like canvas backdrops. This is easy to see if the lens/camera angles are perpendicular to the subject, more difficult to see if the lens/camera is at an oblique angle to the subject. So I shoot medium format film with a Pentax 67II, and 4 x 5 film with a Shen Hao. Just my opinion and preferences for gear. I have Pentax digital gear (I like the robust build quality and weather seals). The X1D is a very attractive camera, I will be interested in learning more about it. Enjoy photography everyone, there are many roads to Rome!
it seems like the main categories of demand are bodies and lenses, with new whiz bang gadgets like drones as a third.

But for me, frankly I'm looking at tripod heads.

Finally committing to an arca-Swiss standard for me means droppig some serious cash on a heads and at least 4 plates For each of my bodies, and big zooms. I'm actually a little surprised i don't see any drops for good ball heads or paN heads.

full frame camera. be it Nikon D750 or Sony smth ( they current ones are way overpriced)
Fuiji GFX
The Sony a6500 is what I want so bad :)
I'm just waiting for sigma to make a 24-70.. hopefully.
I am planning on getting a camera slider.
I am thinking of getting a Nikon D500 for some time. And a Nikon full frame ultrawide lens like 14-24. I have a D750 and a D5300 but I am willing to sell the latter for the D500. The specs of D500 are awesome barring the facts that it's a crop-sensor (why, Nikon, why?) and only 20 MP. Doesn't have built-in flash too but I am not into flash photography anyway.
I've been looking into getting a fast, compact, sharp wide angle lens and the Voigtlander Ultron 21mm f1.8 looks pretty good, but its so wide it may be hard to compose with it. The Samyang 24mm F1.4 looks great, except that its a huge lens that I don't really want to carry around.
I've preordered a Fujifilm X-T2, and I'm super excited for it. I've been hunting lenses for it for a while and picked up a 18mm and the 18-135mm for pretty great deals. Good deals come when you have time to wait.

I'm just in love with the way that the Fujis render color. I shoot in raw+jpeg, but more often than not, for me, I just go with the jpeg and minor tweaks rather than spending an hour or more to get back to the same spot with Lightroom and the raw.