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HHKB drops?

Has there ever been a drop on the HHKB? There's a lot of active polls for it, but I haven't found any prevoius drops for it.
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From MassDrop's very own. Here's a comment from over a year ago: "AlexPeterkin Hey everyone. We are working on getting some Topre boards up, but the HHKB is very unlikely going to show up. Because it isn't FCC approved we can't list it and ship it. I don't understand the legality of it entirely or why individuals can get it, but this is the word passed down from on high. If anything changes I'll update everyone. Thanks all."
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I don't have an answer to that question. I remember seeing this comment about the HHKB in particular and felt it was appropriate to this discussion.
you know, it could be that because it is sold as a kit, the user has to assemble it, it is the user who is in violation not the seller. The FCC says you can build up to 5 of any one design, since users pick their keys, case and ever arrangement of keys, every board potentially is a unique product.
Full support for a HHKB 2 drop :)
Maybe even a Type-S!