Jul 7, 2017

The next Metal G-shock (idea)

I had an idea pop into my head this week and then i discovered this website. Coincidence? Probably. Ok so here's my idea.
I have a G-shock MTG-1000 as well as a G-Steel. The MTG is an amazing timepiece. The G-steel, as the price suggests, lowers the bar quite a bit.

For the next Metal G-shock, I would love to see the GX-56 made into a metal version. How great would it be to have the chunky, giant, square "King Of G" produced with a gorgeous metal case?
The only issue i see is the potential price vs. the watch staying digital.

Anyhow, I hope i'm posting this in an open forum that accepts these kinds of random ideas.
If not, moderator feel free to delete.
I love the overall idea of this website and am planning to jump on board the Naked and Famous x Massdrop Collaboration.
Gidion and StainlessOnly

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i missed my golden naming oppotunity in my initial post. it will be called the G Shock MTGX-56.
You are in an open forum friend, and welcome! Though I am not a g shock owner, I know lots of people around here are, and any conversation related to watches is what keeps things rolling around here, myself particularly.
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