Jul 8, 2017

want feedback on first build plans

I've been looking to build myself a PC for a while now and the opportunity has come. I got an old HP i3 core sandy bridge for free and I'm thinking I can upgrade it to get a decent gaming PC. I'd appreciate it if some people could look over my plans and give advice and tips before I spend a decent amount of money on it. I'll include links to all the parts I'm looking at.
P.S. I'm not trying to build a beast that runs max settings on everything. I'm just trying to build a PC that can handle most games on medium settings.

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What socket is it their are different socket type of sandy bridge
The build sounds great, but you might want to look at getting a 1060 for about $50-ish more, there is a very noticable performance increase for a (fairly) minor price increase. Reason I say this is because if you're getting an i7, you may want to get a graphics card that can keep up with that CPU's power. Regardless of whichever way you decide to go, this build will be solid and will definitely be perfectly capable of hitting medium settings with 60 FPS. :D
EDIT: Yeesh, didn't realize how long ago this post was made... sorry for the late reply!!
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