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Rhodia Heritage

Rhodia are releasing "limited edition notebooks that bring stylish neo-retro patterns to life with an urban and contemporary flair." Their words, not mine. That said... Oh God, do I want a bunch.
Make that a pile.
There is the 32-sheet sewn softcover variety in A5 or Composition
And the 80-sheet Book Block variety, also in A5 and Composition
They are also available as stapled notebooks and notepads... Did I mention the Book Block variety?
The thing that clinches it for me, however, is the orange ruling.
Dot-grid cultists will be disappointed, however, as they are only available in lined or squared layouts.
No official date on US availability yet. They are available in Europe and Fahrney's has some combinations already on pre-order for the 18th of July. So I'd say not far off. However, there is no mention of the A5 size on Rhodiapads.com, only Composition. There's also no mention of the 'Moucheture' (flecked) style, nor the stapled varieties. So for the US this will be a limited release of a limited edition. Hey, maybe there's room for Massdrop.
Finally, I'd just like to say that I'm completely suckered by Rhodia's photo campaign. I mean look at the set:

Oh, come on!
I can't wait to get my hands on them.
How about you?

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They are finally a drop:
Really like the Escher raw binding.
These are nice but that marketing tho...

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