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What is the BEST PBT KEYCAP manufacturer?

In light of receiving my first proper ABS set, I am sorely disappointed. The profile, the material, and the feel of the individual keys doesn't do anything for me.
So, In your humble opinion, what is the best PBT Keycap manufacturer?
If the rumors hold any weight, EnjoyPBT and IMSTO are essentially Gateron PBT keycaps, with dyesubs completed by each company respectively. BSP is supposedly the king of PBT.
What do you guys think? Please list the PBT you have tried and which you find to be the best?
1. Gateron by miles
2. SA DSA (meh, honestly enjoyed #3 more but the "quality" is better)
3. Vortex

<3 Gateron PBT & Cherry profile.
XiK, superdon, and 4 others

leopld PD
Are u talkin bout leopold doubleshots?
YES : ) PD keycap mean is PBT Doubleshots.
EnjoyPBT because KBDfans has the best customer service. They seem to aborb sound very well.
Doesn't sound like advertising at all.
So far I have used Vortex, Varmilo/Leopold and KType PBTs (probably Tai-Hoa) caps.
Varmilo are by far the best. Dunno what it is excactly, but I just love them. The font is timeless and they have a nice texture, sound and feel. I wish they would make double shots.
My Vortex are laser engraved. They are fine for their price, less/ no texture, very smooth, use them at work, pretty loud, but so far noone comlained.
KType caps are well, somethere in the middle, pretty rough texture, bit to much for my taste. I dont like the font and some of the modifier icons, but probably the best shine through PBT available.
Leopold pbt doubleshot keycaps are best in my opinion. The person who used it will know what I mean.
I will try em soon. I’ve heard only good things about these caps. The only thing that it lacks imo, is compatibility
The PBT caps that came with my varmilo (dye-subbed gray) are still the best feeling caps I own, and I own GMK, Maxkey, and SP. Can't speak for the Gaterons though.
Much time has passed since my last post and I now have four Gateron/EnjoyPBT blank keysets: Black, Dark Gray, Milk White, and Ghost White. They're now my favorite because OEM profile was muffling Zealios' wonderful tactility. Like Pokemon, get'em all and mix to fit your taste and mood. You need labels? Write on them with Shapie. You can remove them with soap & water. I used isopropyl alcohol without problems.
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OP HERE. Second this. My collection grew by 1 a few days ago: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey. CYMK blanks and dyesubs too. Ultimately, I want the milk and white as well... in addition to a dyesub set ... or 8.
Where did you get the Light Grey? Neither mechanicalkeyboards.com nor kbdfans had them last time I checked. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about ordering extra Black and Milk White keysets because they look so good.
Hot Dog! I can't believe this thread is still active. I started it, what seems like, years ago.
Anyone try any of the keyreative sets on zfrontier? Their pretty much all PBT with dye sub legends. I've been tempted to order a set.
Why not make a poll of this? I'd like to see the results!
I have two blank Gateron/EnjoyPBT keysets. They are indeed thick and well made but top surface felt rougher and sounds flimsier than I expected.
My best keyset is PBT OEM Profile that came with Poker 3. Same thickness but top surface texture feels smoother, allowing my fingers to glide more easily. I prefer OEM over Cherry due to extra height and weight so end result is very pleasing. Disclaimer: I do not know if keysets Vortex sells is of same quality as one that ships with Poker 3 or not.
> My best keyset is PBT OEM Profile that came with Poker 3
Now I can't await to finally get the Pok3r from MD's last drop in my hands... ;-)
I've a lot of PBT key caps. But my favorite caps are those from Leopold and the old Ducky caps. They are thick PBT caps.
For me I'd have to go with Gateron/enjoyPBT for my fav PBT sets. I have a blue/red Hangul & black/red Hangul set that I absolutely love. Leopold's stock PBT caps would get my runner up since, well, pad printing. :( The older Vortex PBT caps are pretty nice too but they have changed their moulds since I have gotten my Vortex shine through set. My set has very similar thickness to my ePBT sets but the newer vortex PBT sets I have seen have a thickness closer to Tai-Hao's PBT sets.
OG Cherry is most likely the best but I have yet to actually get my hands on a set of them. BSP is another manufacturer that I always hear people praising, but just like OG Cherry they are very hard to find. The last one I'll mention is NKPC which is a more affordable & readily available option, but has a pretty high quality from what I hear.
I asked BSP about doing some custom ISO keyset for me, but they stopped doing dyesubs several years ago. They can sell only blank PBT caps.
PBT SA on browns is clacky feely goodness
I love the smooth feel of Vortex, it reminds me the PBT on Unicomp Classic, which I think is the best.
Leopold for cherry profile. Ducky for OEM profile.
Tai Hao if you like strong colors.
If I have to pick one it would be Leopold.
Massdrop & Matt3o
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The poll says best manufacturer... ass blood.
Neither of them are the manufacturer. Massdrop is the distributor, Matt3o is the designer.
leopold is guarantee high quality. mstone is various configurations at low prices(over150keycaps).
PBT sets like BSP/EnjoyPBT's are always durable and nice but if given a choice for a vote then I will vote for SP SA. (Notice I never mentioned Vortex for the thin printing they do.)
SP SA is always nice brand new, but, when worn in they look even better with that shined top surface. PBT just won't cut it once they're worn out of the sandy surface.....
PBT doesn't wear out :P
Oh, the age old debate.
I not falling for it..... lololol
Although I love Gmk, It's still made of abs.
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feels weird, but i should probably clean my hands using alcohol swabs , my pbt is starting to shine
It also depends on the gmk set, some gmk sets like TA were poorly made and had little to no texture to begin with.
I really like my NPKC gradient set in cherry profile. The quality is meh, (like my space bar is pretty noticeable crooked) but the texture is really nice. The feel of ptb is noticeab better than abs.
I only have tried out Vortex thick PBT, Filco stock ABS, Leopold stock PBT, Razer ABS, Corsair backlit ABS and Cherry POM keycaps, among which I found Leopold PBT the most comfortable. It's the thickest keycap I've found to fit Cherry MX stem. And its front printed versions are even nicer!
leopold is amazing, and very affordable :D
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you aren't wrong.
I have to agree I love my hhkb2 pbt caps, and even the aftermarket pbt spacebar I purchased that has a slight difference in grit, it matches the feel well enough even if one by pfu would surely be better. I like my gateron pbt for mx just fine too, though I have yet to delve too far into caps just yet.
Vortex has awful QC. Ive never had a Vortex set without issues. CAN be nice though, just really bad QC.
GMK is my vote.
I really like Varmillo keycaps. They feel great and give a good balance between OEM and Cherry profiles. I find that straight cherry profile's a bit too low for my liking. I do like OEM though. Something about this lower profile I like, however. I can't wait for my DCS (I think that's what it is. The one from the recent CS GO drop) and SA keycaps from drops to arrive to see how I like them.
yeah, i also owen the varmilo black on darkgrey dyesub theyre great, i wish they make black on black tho, its now discontinued
On the topic of PBT, has anyone made Gateron, IMSTO, BSP, Leopold, or Cherry work on an Ergodox or Planck? I imagine the Planck should be easy, as I have two sets of 120 pc. Gaterons. I wonder how the Ergodox will go.
1. Gateron (I have 3 sets of the enjoypbt ones) 2. Vortex (Wish these had more color options) 3. Cherry (the thicker older ones) Laser etched are a good option and sometimes can be had cheap.
Honorable mention: Tai-Hao make one of the best cheap PBT double shot caps.
Any thoughts on the PBT keycaps supplied by Varmilo? I believe they're slightly lower in profile than the OEMs.
I'm also interested in PBT keycap manufacturers where light bleeding is kept at a minimum, particularly on whites.
My favourite are Leopold keycaps so far. They are Cherry profile and very durable. Little less pleasant for fingers than Vortex are, but still better on quality.
I really like the NPKC blanks I got from Massdrop. Definitely quality stuff. Very resistant to shine on the space bar too. Gateron's thick PBTs are also a favorite, though I'm not a fan of their color selection in blanks. They're definitely quality thick caps. But they're not my favorites. My favorites are a set of 'thin' PBTs that I have never, ever seen outside of a single group buy that was run I think 3 or 4 years ago at least. I have no idea who made them. They look paper thin. They let backlight through like you wouldn't believe. And they show exactly ZERO wear after more than 150,000 words of typing. Not "minimal" but actual ZERO. Ducky PBTs had shine within a matter of months, but these caps just will not quit. And they have a very uniquely pleasant sound due to their thin material.
For me, it's still Leopold. My FC660C's keycaps just have that something special about them--they almost feel like typing on material made of dense, hard wood. No other keycaps I own (and I own well over a dozen at this point) feel like that.