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Please help me decide :( ty

Hello everyone hope you guys are doing wonderfully, i am having tough time trying to decide on which headphone to choose from , for each of my for daily search i end in a fruitless search anyway, i am a bit new to using headphones yet most if not all my music are flac or Hi-fi.
The genres i mostly listen to are gothic/darkwave, industrial, new retrowave and many types of metal genres including folk and funeral doom,
anyway i am having hard time between chosing an open (Sennheiser HD6xx) or closed back(ath m40x or better dunno which yet V-moda LP2 ?) i like the idea of closed-back ( i tried a few but every closed-back bluetooth give me really bad headache after 10min of use)
and i generally dont feel comfortable when the music i am listening leaks loadly indoors or small vehicles my use for the headphones
my general use for the headphones would be mostly for music esspically ourdoors/travel
unfortunately i don't have an amp/dac and i am not planning to buy one anytime soon yet i hope my LG v20 and motherboard will be enough.
Sorry for the long post and sorry for my english wish you guys and gals an awesome time

Thank you guys all of you really appreciate the help and recommendations, @tumaru haha nope, i am on the farthest mid west on the peninsula coastal to the red sea hehe, Anyway the HD25 plus convinced me ( i hope it's the same as the one you recommended the offical site says it is with an updated driver) it has all i need a durable high quality closed headphone i really hope it will feel comfortable. ^^ but i have to ask do you think the HD6XX will have another mass drop next year? If so i will be lucky ^^ (Lol dunno why i am so into It's 400$ cheaper and blue x3 ) thx ^~^
Hello I scrolled down a bit through this thread and i have not seen anyone mention the Status Audio CB-1 If you are looking at the M40X you might be interested in the CB-1. I will try to give you quick differences that I can think of: CB-1 have more comfortable stock pads. M40X has the higher build quality. CB-1 is cheaper M40X has brand recognition (if that is important to you)
I think the CB-1 sound great for closed headphones, and i do own a pair that i use at work with no external dac or amp like i have at home. I also think you will be happier with a closed design when you are out of the house as it will keep some of the noise down so you can enjoy your music.
My worrys made me unable to decide again... >.<
Should i just go with the HD6xx?? Or it won't be good without a real amp/dac i am so worried :(, will it be portable will it be as good as everyone praise it and really awesome for industrial and metal ? >.<
That headphone is not portable at all. Since you are looking at that headphone, I am going to assume you budget is around $200?
In that case, get a nad viso hp50 or a psb m4u1. Both are quite portable and comfortable. And I do listen to quite a bit of dark rock and metal, these 2 headphones do sound great with that genre with the hp50 sounding slightly softer.
@tumaru thank you, last night i kinda decided to get the HD6xx but since it will arrive later this year i am thinking of getting something else more closed-back too, i checked couple of reviews for Meze99 neo some say it's bass is kinda choky and little bit tuned up , i don't want to bother you but is there something close/better that costs less :x or is it the best option in the market now? Thanks.
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Thanks for advice but i wish if it's possible to find a headphone store where i live the only probability for me finding one is to travel to Dubai (which is 2000 Kilometers away) unfortunately for me it's kinda a gamble that's why i spend mostly 3/4 hours daily searching for a headphones and reading reviews, i dunno what are value villages or salvation army are but i am sure where i live we don't have those.
Anyway i will keep checking and camapring hopefully i can decide before the drop ends. Thanks all ^^
what is the sound profile your looking for? for balanced and transparent akg, for fun which is what the meze99 are go with audio technica and for the sennheiser veil go with sennheiser. I keep on coming back to the same conclusion that sennheiser is the best choice. The hd25-1 ii is used by most djs again after they went off to other brands for a while. In a world of a million flavors with no best but defiantly better and worse flavors I would say as a whole sennheiser is the best big headphone company. They have the most number one slots including best headphones ever (tens of thousands of dollar for the orpheus). There will be people on the internet who think the sennheiser veil is crap (their sound signature) but yet I think their headphones are amazing. Don't worry about it too much, beyond a certain point there is diminishing gains. Your going to be happy with any choice you make unless you fret about the road you didn't take in which case none of them will make you happy.
value village and the salvation army are both stores that get donated goods then the donated goods and takes that money and puts it into charity. the salvation army is a sect of christianity so all the profit goes to charity and value village is a business so a small amount goes to charity based on the weight of the donations.
I'm curious what is 2000 km from dubai? I can only come to the conclusion that your in yemen which in that case can't you go to ethiopia or djibouti as a potential closer place? Just curious on your situation.
I use my sennheiser hd 598's outside all the time and I would say you shouldn't be worried about sound leak. I have yet to find a pair of headphones that make more then a very quite noise at most when testing them by putting them on my leg and seeing if I can hear them.
I've listened to the v-moda line up and can say you should get the xs instead of the lp2.
The sennheiser will be the best choice unless you are in an extremely load area. I find when I go on the skytrain (subway above ground) that the noise of the train on the tracks blocks out a lot of the sound from my sennheiser hd 598's.
Worst comes to worst and you dislike the hd6xx's you should be able to sell them for more then you got them for.
If you could find and try the meze 99 neo's, they are the headphones that aren't on your list that I have just fallen in love with and would suggest more then your other choices.
Ps: I just noticed the Massdrop x AKG 2.0 is it worth it as closed headphone camapre to ath m40x ?