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Kershaw Link S35VN

So first, this is not a Massdrop item, and it probably never will be. It is exclusive to House of Blades.
I ordered this knife sight unseen several months back, just because I liked the colors and the overall appearance it had. It came in right around the $80 USD price point.
I have never handled a Link, and I am pretty pleased. I do own quite a few Kershaw knives, and have had many more that I have sold or gifted over the years. In my opinion this is the best looking one I have ever owned. My Skyline will always hold a place in my heart, but this knife has stolen it for the time being. Although I have not used or carried this knife yet, I do not expect to be disappointed.
It is a decent size. Blade length is 3.25", handle is 4.4", overall length is 7.65". Blade steel is S35VN, one of my favorite steels hands down. We could argue blade steels all day and nobody would win, but I have used S35VN a lot, and it has never failed me.
The blade has a nice thickness to it. It tapers down from the spine to a nice wedge shape, then tapers back down to the cutting edge. The blade really reminds me of the Kershaw Launch 1, which is my current every day work carry. There is no forward finger choil, but it does stop short of the flipper which is super user friendly for sharpening. Nothing worse than investing your time sharpening a knife when you get the entire cutting edge on the stone.
The design is very reminiscent of the Cryo and Cryo II. I have a Cryo II, and the Link is a bit larger which I like. Here is a small family photo with the Link, Cryo II, and a ZT 0450.
I have carried my ZT 0450 a lot, I like the way that it feels in hand. My first impression is that I like the way the Link feels better. The Link feels like an absolute tank, it is heavy. Coming in at 4.8oz it feels every bit that heavy. The deep carry pocket clip has nice tension, and at first glance holds it in place well.
I expect great things from this knife. It will be going to work with me tomorrow, and then car camping for the weekend. Here are a few more shots, please excuse my dirty meat bats. Also, I have short stubby fingers, for reference. Don't hate my hobbit hands!



If I remember, I will write another short follow up review after a few months of carrying this beauty.
Jeffrey Anderson and idoc72

That knife is a phenomenal value, and I've had to fight off the urge to buy one on several occasions (I already have too many 3-3.5 inch EDC blades). Thanks for all the great pics. You're making resistance difficult!
Having only used it for a short amount of time, I love it. It is worth every penny. It will not be replacing my Kershaw Launch 1 at work, the launch just works better with bulky gloves.
It will get plenty of pocket time outside of work!