Jul 18, 2017

Possible to make this into an auto/moto category?

I would love to get some gear, whether its some motorcycle boots or it's a phone/gps holder for my bike.
for clarificatoon, OFFICIALLY a dual category. every now and then something kinda motorcycle related comes up but I think a lot of people would be more active in this community if it was official
Melissa Shayd, lo0x0ol, and 2 others

I would like it if we could get some helmet stuff especially good Bluetooth withy good audiofile sound (IE not sena)
Ya for sure. i used uclear for a while and you have corded headphones that connect to it with a mic high in cord so its in your helmet. It worked really well and could even talk on the highway at 65mph with my fjr. my only complaint was that the cord was easy to break but that's cause the connet point was water resistant so you really had to pull/push hard