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Where to get Seiko SARB017

Hello, I'm starting a watch collection and I'm really interested in the Seiko SARB017. I am wondering where the most reliable place to get this watch at. Please reply if you have an answer.
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Seiko just discontinued this watch, so a drop is unlikely. If you've wanted one, it's best find one while they're still available. This is a watch that could see after market prices increase once the supply of new watches has been exhausted.
We have a poll For the next watch drop and the SARB 017 is included, vote for it!
Amazon has the SARB017 for $356 with a three- year Seiko manufacturer's warranty. Ships and sold by Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000KG93BQ/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I have bought other Seiko watches from Seiyjapan and the service was absolutely fantastic. Delivery was fast and easy. Also the prices seemed to be very reasonable.
I have done business with Seiyajapan and Gnomon. Both are fantastic (absolutely reliable) sellers. Can't go wrong with either or your choice of the SARB017:-)
I got mine off of Massdrop a while ago, and it's a great watch. You won't be disappointed. I bought my 1963 Seagull from Island Watch, and was very happy with the transaction. You can buy from them with confidence.
+1 on Seiyajapan, bought mine through them a year ago and have nothing but positive things to say about the watch and the company!
Got mine from Higuchi in Japan who is also a Seiko AD.
Lots of Seiko drops recently. I'm hoping this one follows soon, otherwise I'll may just go with one from Seiyajapan or Gnomon.
https://www.massdrop.com/vote/Let-s-drop-Seiko Vote tes for it in the next drop poll
I already had, although I have up waiting and just bought one from Amazon. It was more than the last drop price by $50 (with tax), but it included a Seiko warranty, which a dropped version likely wouldn't have. I hope they drop it again for everyone that's still waiting.
Amazon in Japan has them from several sellers, including a Prime seller selling them for about $350. There are reverse import versions (並行輸入品) and domestic Japanese market versions (国内正規品) up there. I'm not sure if any of the sellers ships overseas or what the cost would be. Amazon.co.jp can be partially switched to English via the switch with the globe icon in the footer.
The above is the Prime seller. You can search for the model number for more.
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I don't know for sure, but there are no import duties in Japan for watches shipped from the U.S. Since there tends to be reciprocity in duties, and since there is no U.S. watch industry to speak of to protect, I wouldn't think that there would be duties on watches imported from Japan to the U.S. There are websites that show duties.
A footnote: I ordered one of the recent leather strap drops. Last week I called customs in Yokohama, and they said there'd be a 10 percent duty, plus the regular 8 percent sales tax, so 18 percent. The fact that the leather comes from Tochigi makes no difference. Leather is really protected in Japan. I got burned twice with 60 percent or so on slippers. (I also don't know why the hell I have to pay sales tax on a watch strap, but not on the watches I ordered.)
So I might have to pay some sort of prorated duty on a watch with a leather strap. That hasn't happened yet. I think there's a luck of the draw factor.
Got mine from ebay.
I've order my SARB033 and SARB017 from this seller on ebay several weeks ago. No complaints at all, got my watches in less than a week.
It looks like the prices went up however since then.
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nice watches
New to Massdrop and would love to see a drop for this watch. Have seen a couple of video reviews and I'm totally in love. Will be my first automatic - and first wristwatch - since I sold my Omega Seamaster ten years ago.
That was more than four months ago! My fickle brain had moved on to other options. ;)
I've just bought one of these and can't wait for it to arrive...
Congrats! Post some pics when you get it.
I also wanted the SARB017 and I bought form www.seiyajapan.com .They were sold out when I kept checking, so I filled in the box on the side that tells you to leave your email if you're interested. I decided to play the patience game. When I received the email telling me they were in stock I purchased immediately. I noticed 2 days later they were "sold out " again. I dealt with Seiyajapan as their prices were comparable with just about all others. I have only very positive dealings with this company, (3 times), & very fast delivery
& some pics , for hopefully some inspiration.
Where did you purchase the strap? Great match.
Artdeg, thanks for looking. The strap is a handcrafted leather from a guy in Great Britain. You can check his collection at, www.steveostraps.com . That particular strap is called "Old English". Straps are good quality and very comfortable. I matched it with a vintage style buckle.
I'm waiting for this to drop again but I'm not familiar enough with the process to know when/if another drop should be expected. Fingers crossed.
I'm in the market for the same watch and have been waiting for a drop. Here's another source if you can't wait. http://www.gnomonwatches.com/watches/seiko-watches/alpinist-green-ref-sarb017
depending on how patient you can be, I would wait for a drop from Massdrop. If however you seek immediate gratification: https://www.seiyajapan.com/ https://www.longislandwatch.com/ http://www.azfinetime.com/ Arizona Fine Time is an AD, so they charge full rip. Seiya and Long Island are both quite well regarded as well.
Seiyajapan excellent site and they deliver extremely fast
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