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Looking into buying my first vintage watch

I'm looking at spending around 4-5 hundred CAD on a vintage mechanical or automatic watch. Is there any advice anyone can offer me?
I've read up extensively on Omega watches, but am not completely set on just those. What are some good watches to consider as an "intro" to collecting?

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A point to also think about is size. Most older watches are a lot smaller than modern watches so consider how sat a 35mm watch would look on your wrist
If you have been looking at vintage Omegas, Id presume you have stopped by here https://omegaforums.net/
If not, you should :)
Hey Mark,
There are so many ways you could go with this, it could be dizzying. Some brands that made great pieces in the past that are still reasonably affordable on the vintage front would be Hamilton, Tissot, Mido. Elgin made some great pieces, you could find some DOXA in the mix, and Seiko made some absolutely cool looking watches in the 60's and 70's. You could also look for movements specifically, as almost anything that contained Lemania and Valjoux movement in the 60's and 70's would likely be a pretty solid piece, regardless of price.
Whats your time period for a "Vintage" piece? 50's/60's, 70's to 90's? Try and settle on a style your looking for, Military, dressy, diver or big crown, and look, look some more, and then look again. Find something that really speaks to you.
Post what you consider and find, and happy hunting!
First and foremost find something that you like the looks of. Secondly, if you think that you'll be into collecting and buying and selling watches always look for something that will hold its value or not deprecate terribly. Omega watches are a good starting point, but I think they're a bit over priced even in the vintage market. Whatever you decide to buy make sure that there is a caveat and a listing or sale that you can return it if there is found a significant issue or problem. That can be a major major expense to repair. There are a lot of options in your price range... But lesser Brands may offer more complications or higher quality then more popular brands do at the same price. Also typically vintage watches can mean smaller watches anywhere from 33 to possibly 38 mm in diameter.
So if Omega is overpriced, what are some alternatives that you would suggest? I've looked at tissot and Hamilton but neither of those are quite as abundant as Omegas
A brand that I have been very interested in lately is vintage Girard perregaux. They have amazing watches in style and quality and most have in-house movements just like vintage omegas. I just did a quick search on completed sales in eBay for Girard Perrigo and there are numerous, just amazing looking watches that sold for $100 to $200..
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