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Build Your Own Funko Pop! in Washington


This is pretty cool for collectors, you can build your own one-of-a-kind Funko Pop in Washingon! Apparently this is the only brick and mortar store the company has, and the only place you can walk in and come out with a customized Funko Pop! Next time you are around Seattle it could be worth the time to stop by!
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I have been to the Funk Pop Store and it’s Amazing!
isn't that in Everett? depending on traffic it's like an hour away or more. lol. reguardless, i took my kid to the one in everett and it was pretty cool kept my 3 year old busy for around an hour looking at all of the displays and such, we did one of the custom builds, i found the selection of parts to be decent but limited if that makes sense, super reasonably priced, overall if you're in the area i would recommend it, not sure if it by itself is worth the drive...but hey there's a few other things to do in the area as well so make a trip out of it? i'm out in the woods up highway 2, let me know if you guys want any food/things to do recommendations in the area.
Sooo when do you wanna meet for lunch or something?