Jan 28, 2019

Why don’t some items ship to the UK?

REALLY wanted the Focal Elex Headphones but they don’t ship to the UK...sigh...does anyone know why?? Sorry am new so this has probably been covered a trillion times... Thanks in advance :)

Ahhh freight forwarding of course... thank you. Knew there had to be a way....(reaches for calculator!)
Freight forwarder is how most have gotten around these issues but that also incurs additional fees
Good to know. From both your replies it makes sense to me now re the 5 factors. I'll still keep looking in... Thanks guys
Okay, so I've tried explaining this issue to the "Massdrop Canada" crowd. But it comes down to about 5 key factors. Taxes/Import Fees/Tariffs, distribution agreements, consumer protection laws, shipping costs, and regulatory compliance. The UK has different standards that electronics need to meet compared to the US, some of which requires testing of the finished product...this is not free, other countries, like Canada have language requirements, for partner products they may not be allowed to sell outside of specified markets, and finally import duties, taxes, an shipping may cost more than the product itself...as they're calculated by MSRP and not the selling price.
I am not absolutely sure with Audio, but I know that Massdrop with some items needs to restrict sales to certain markets due to distribution rights. Not sure if that's the case with the Focal's, but I know it happens with a few timepieces from time to time. Best