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R.I.P. iPod

They gone, gone, gone......
They were long outdated, and sound pretty flat (depending on your listening style), but it's easy to say these helped reconnect the overall general public to portable music again, and helped make headphones more mainstream along the way.
Cheers people
MikeMD, Nextgengentry, and 7 others

Still have my 4th gen and a Classic. Connected to my FiiO E12 they drive my HD650 nicely.
Just for the record, I've never owned an iPod. I used an asian brand then a Sony mp3 player before getting the 1st gen iPhone, which I still have today n somtimes use.
My middle school students like to clown on me for still wearing an iPod Shuffle to the gym.
My 9 year old nephlew looks at my 5th gen like "huh?!?" that I use in one of my older autos. It still provides immense gratification.
Today, I bury a dear friend.
I loved my nano. No one can replace her ability to be so light weight while carrying so many gigs and gigs of storage. She had poise. She had elegance. And she was the definition of class.
Amen brother!!!