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Custom KBD65 deck

Hi guys! My son's 8th b-day was approaching fast and couldn't figure out what to get him so I figured I'd build him a custom gaming deck instead. He loves playing Minecraft and fancies robots and shades of blue, so I designed and made him a custom acrylic deck using his handle on it built around a KBD65 (KBD67) PCB with USB-C connector -- magnetic USB cables rule! He loves Gateron Yellows out of the bag, so I put together some Gateron Silent switches using Gateron Silent Clear stems inside Gateron milky 5-pin housings lubed with 3204, using Gateron Yellow springs (calling them "Gateron Ghosts") (except the spacebar, which is a Cherry Black spring). Caps are a custom Signature Plastics dye-subbed DSA-profile set in a couple different shades of blue, a couple of Star Wars icon caps on it for fun (right side of deck programmed simply for mute, vol+, vol-). Dropped in some 2.8mm blue LEDs in-switch, as well as using the RGB underglow to 'fill' the translucent clear and blue case with light. I used EnjoyPBT clear screw-in stabs, and Tiffany blue powdercoated screws to tie it all together. Enjoy!

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Wow it is sooooooooooooo cool!
Thanks! :)
Awesome case, may i ask? which software did you use to create this case? I assume this is a sandwich case with extra layer for the feet. How thick is the plate ?
Thanks! Yes, sandwich-style case. I use a lot of software in my line of work, but this one I laid out in Corel. For layering technique I simply worked out logistics of what would work in conjunction to the switch depth compared to the PCB and stabs, etc. My go-to for sandwich-style is: 2mm switch plate 3mm second layer 5mm middle layer (main glow layer) 3mm bottom layer and then feet, however it needs to be worked out for the project. So in essence the "plate" is effectively 5mm thick.
Awesome 👍. Did you design and make the case or design and get it made? If you got it made can you share a link? If you made it can you take my money for one?🤪
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Unfortunately no. It would have to be custom. Full-size aftermarket cases, or even custom full-size decks are very rare as there isn't a large call for them. Other possible caveat is the hotswap portion, as they generally require the top plate to be metal so the switches will click in with their built-in clips.
For sure I know it would have to be custom... I was planning on reusing the plate from the board,, basically just the bottom and top housing made from acrylic.. Plan B(most likely) is sanding and automotive paint...
Can I be your son?
Haha, can I declare you as a dependent? ;)
If you give me a keyboard for free maybe. Not sure about the legality of that tho.
The builds is amazing! lucky boy. :D
and here I am trying to explain to my parents why I've got 3 keyboards and 4 sets of different keycap sets. Beautiful build, job well done.
Haha, thanks!
Hey. It's almost my birthday too. This build looks amazing. Good job and thanks for sharing!
Hehe, thanks! And no problem. :)
Lucky Boy. Beautiful as always. Love the logos.
Thanks man! He's really enjoying it, so I guess mission accomplished this time. :)