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How Does this website work?

So i Purchased an item from massdrop and not even a week later i get an email saying i'm not getting it because they were backordered like how the hell does that happen with something that's not a presale or pre order. Does this site just take orders for things they don't know they can get, like how do they not know the quantities of the items they are selling and just hope they can get that many. I was under the assumption that they talked with the manufacturer or at least the distributors to see how many they can sell/order. I guess they just throw up items they think they can get and if they sell too many well it sucks to suck. Maybe i'm just frustrated that an item i purchased im not not going to be getting and ill i get is a lousy 10$ to this site. Thanks massdrop for disappointment again.

Duncan and gorian2222

Welcome to MD. Stuff like that is pretty regular. I have liked most of the knives I have gotten thru them, so I stick around and buy more. And at the same time, I get to make fun of stuff that I wouldn't spend my enemies money on. Overlook the flaws, you will come by some good knives. I also like my lockpick sets. The socks I wasn't so crazy about. Oh, well. The chances are way better than the lottery.
I am selling off my collection, if interested let me know
I have to say, I've purchased a number of things through this site without any problems at all. The way it works, as I Understand it is this; they put up an item for purchase, then when they have orders or enough orders they buy the item "in bulk" from the manufacturer thus getting a better price for those who "subscribe to the drop" I suppose if not enough people join to satisfy the price requirement they will pull the item, but I haven't had this problem. YMMV