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Velocifire VM02WS wireless mechanical keyboard, 104-key full size with brown switches, white LED backlit, and high battery for copywriters, typists, and programmers. Since TKL02WS is launched, it gets quite popular. To further meet the needs of the number pad, Velocifire fully upgrades VM full-size series.


Faster & accurate – Velocifire mechanical keyboards are suitable for copywriters, programmers, editors and who spend plenty of hours typing every day. As customers’ feedback, typing is faster and accurate through Velocifire mechanical keyboards.   Durable and quieter brown switch – The low-noise switches have soft tactile bump feedback. Every key-press offers the best tactile typing experience. Quieter performance won’t bother colleagues and people around you.   Signal stability and long battery life – Keep your desktop knolling without cables. The fully charged battery will work for over 250 hours with backlit off.   Double USB mode – The smart charging system allows charging and typing simultaneously. USB-C interface without driver required. Charge with a 5V and 1A charger (Not Included), or charge it while a computer is on. It is 100% compatible with Win XP/ Vista/ Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10/Linux. It can also apply with Mac OS except for several function keys.   Optimized productivity – The durable switches last for decades, consistently offering stable and efficient typing experience. HOW DOES VM02WS BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY?
Everyone talks about productivity all the time. How do we boost our productivity? Why do we desire to improve our productivity? Because we want more free time to enjoy our life. We want to concentrate on our work. Even when we are working, we want to enjoy what we are doing.   The all-new VM02WS wireless mechanical keyboard will optimize your typing experience from all aspects. Every minute you type on VM02WS is a pleasure enjoyment. The Content Brown switches give you the tactile feel. Every key press reacts with tactile bump and great actuation point. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy a psycho-acoustic experience. The sound is satisfying “clicky”, but not annoying.   Content Brown switches are Cherry-like switches. The keyboard input is lighting-fast precise and consistent. With VM02WS, you are a formidable opponent in work or play.   A high-capacity battery can support your work and play in a super long time, which is an 1850 mAh built-in rechargeable battery. The double USB mode allows you to type or play on the keyboard even when the keyboard is charging. The old VM01WS can’t work when it is charging, which has troubled many of our customers. In the all-new VM02WS wireless mechanical keyboard, you have no worry at all. Discover more Velocifire VM02WS wireless mechanical keyboard.

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