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How do you guys store or display your headphones?

I am more of a hifi/speaker guy and recently I got poisoned into headphones. Started going into headphones only last year and Massdrop is eh..hmmm...yay! Am looking for other possible alternatives (preferably concealable) as the current setup of using clothes rack (less than $15 on Amazon) is only temporary. Plus: Affordable. Easy to push around the house. The rods are thick enough that it does not hurt the headbands. I can easily select and swap headphones at a glance. The little bag on the lower right holds all the cables. Minus: It can get a little dusty. It looks like eh...a clothes rack...lol Will not work well if you have to move the rack between floors. Super minus: My wife is able to see the entire collection...and trust me, no headphones can block out her nagging - "They all looked the same to me. Why do you need so many pairs of headphones? How much did you spend? Tell me the pricing! Do you have a lot of money? How much savings do you have?" She said I might as well be a butcher and hang different cuts of meat on the rack -.- Anyways I gave her the most pitiful look I could mustered and showed her the savings Massdrop was able to bring "us"...things are a little peaceful for now...but not sure for how long...

FlyingDisc and erickong

The Gucci coin purse nicely compliments your collection.
Look my solution under my profile picture. Cheers
Thanks. I was thinking about similar solution, but ended up with single stand for 2 headphones. Because, normally each stand with 2 headphones is covered by plastic bag (no dust 100%) and to reach the headphone, you dont need to pull the plastic bag at all. Just move the hand from the plastic bag open bottom to take headphone, and opposite to put it back.
I've been trying to find a solution to this problem too, and was considering a beam of some sort. Right now I just have multiple dual headphone stands and put them side by side, but I'd prefer something that can work as an entire unit, possibly with expandable space. I like this beam idea but it's missing a cable tray that's deep enough to contain/hide long high quality cables. I've been considering either something like a tall poll with multiple bendy arms sticking out of it (and something to hold the long cable under each arm), or a wooden toolbox with a top horizontal rod handle so the cables can sit in the toolbox itself. But I haven't tried either yet. So far I haven't seen a great solution to owning + displaying many multiple headphones, and most "audiophiles" don't seem to have this problem, meaning they're imposters and not as smart as us ;)
Yikes--needs flashing yellow lights and a reflective "Dead End" sign!

https://www.massdrop.com/talk/2772/headphone-stand?utm_source=linkshare&referer=BPKDQH I made some of these a while ago. All about the aesthetics
It looks like you tried to link to something, then discarded the link and blacked out?
I copied the wrong thing lol. I fixed the link