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Can someone recommend a more powerful amp?

I'm new to the world of good headphones, so I was excited to receive my HD 6xx's and my O2 amp(standard gain)today. I was less than blown away, however, because even at the higher gain, I am listening at(at least)85-90% volume to get good sound. I know more power usually means better sound at lower volume. Can someone recommend an amp that I won't have to max out to drive these things-without breaking the bank? Thanks.

If you can afford something a bit more expensive, look at the Questyle amps. I have the 400i and think it is superb.
My Darkvoice tube amp barely has to be turned up to deliver painful loud listening with these cans. I am thinking it can drive a small pair of very efficient speakers, transmission lines for example.
Have you listened with them through a non-tube amp(solid state? idk) I'm very curious about tube amps. Never had any experience with one.
No, I haven't. I know an tube amp with the design of the Darkvoice though is not affected with high impedance loads. I think the cheap Schiit Magni might be a good choice for you though.
The problem with O2 isn't a gain thing. O2 doesn't have the voltage rails for HD 6XX. You're covered for some nice loud RMS listening levels, as most everyone is going to point out to you, but they aren't considering peaks and harmonic distortion. O2 will not get you to 120 dB SPL PEAK which is what you want to hit if you're listening at moderate to high RMS listening levels (80-85 dB SPL). The end result is clipping or, in other words, harmonic distortion. This shouldn't affect your low listening levels though. I just find the combination of O2 and HD 6XX boring. It sounds like I'm listening to music that's been stuffed into a tuna can. Instead I'd point you to Aune T1SE mk3. It's a good entry level amp/DAC that you don't have to build yourself. If you don't mind building an amp that will only work well with HD 6XX I'll point you to this guy: http://www.pmillett.com/butte.htm I have also read good things about Magni 3 if you don't mind buying a piece of Schiit, but I generally avoid Schiit, so I can't comment on sound. The math works out on it though.
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THANK you. Love ALL of that info!
Researched for hours and I just ordered the Magni 3. I liked the specs compared to my O2-had good enough reviews, also. If I like it, I'll get the Modi 3. I know there are bigger/better setups in my future, but this is where I want to start. Thanks again for your insight.
What source are you using... at 2.5x gain on the MD O2 my HD650 would be at/past hearing damage at 90% on the pot. That is out of two different desktop/rack sized DAC's and an audioquest dragonfly 1.2. I don't like the 650 with the O2 but that has nothing to do with volume
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Sounds like an output voltage limitation of your original source. The note is a little better but Samsung's output tends to be on the low side of most high end phones. Be careful on the volume front the human ear can take 85db for up to 8 hours, at 105 db you get less than 15 minutes before damage sets in. To give you an idea a lawnmower runs around 90-95db, if someone has to yell for you to hear them when listening (assuming close proximity and an open headphone design) you are listening loud enough for damage.
I do like my music loud, but I am aware of my safe line(although I hover right at that line). Thank you ,though. Happy listening