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Hello I just joined and live in Canada, has anyone experienced any issues with their folding knife orders getting through the boarder?

thanks for your feedback.
gorian2222 and Duncan

Nice to see massdrop is listening, mass drop name is much smaller on the blade and they changed the font.
So I couldn’t resist, and took the plunge. I ordered a ferrum forge gent, and all is good. Arrived in less then 4 weeks. I didn’t get charged duty.
I had no issues until the orange moron took office. Now they ding me a hefty duty each time.
Hey Aiy I felt the same when I joined a drop for a Ferry Forge Crux. I was able to track the knife and the staff at Massdrop were very helpful in keeping me appraised of the shipping. I believe my knife was held up at Canada Customs however I did finally receive it. Be prepared to pay a hefty surcharge for duties and taxes when you receive the package. I figured around 30% on top of your purchase price. Overall a good experience for my first knife purchase from Massdrop.Hope this helps. Roman
Thanks Roman, I appreciate the feedback.