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Headphone Amp.

I'm purchasing a Senhieser HD58x and was wondering what the best budget Headphone Amp is? (Budget 0-100$~) (Also this is for gaming/music)

JDS Atom all the way. It measures insanely well for the money and will supply plenty of power to the Jubilee’s.
JDS Atom ($100). It almost beats Liquid Spark on every spec.
Liquid Spark, Great amp for 100 bucks. Works great with 58x.
I know it is subjective but, incase it is of help: I use a ‘Fiio Q1 2 nd generation which is a portable combined Dac and Amp. I bought it based on ZReviews a Chanel on YouTube and I’m very very happy with it. The sound quality over my iPhone 7 direct output is very significant and it has a nice build quality. It not only has a 3.5mm output but also a 2.5mm balanced output plus a gain and base switch. I hope you enjoy your headphones as much as I do.
Best is subjective. You can roll the dice with a Chi-Fi tube amp. I enjoyed it with a number of amps. I imagine most would work just fine, especially since it's a more efficient driver for a Sennheiser. I wouldn't worry too much about it. The differences would be minimal compared to saving the money and buying a new pair of headphones.
May I drop in on this and get a recommendation for a portable one?
I have the liquid spark, and it seems to be a good match with the HD58x. Nice smooth highs, and good bass. I have not had both pieces long, so I will follow up when I've had more time with them.
In no particular order: 1. Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Spark 2. Schiit Magni 3 3. JDS Atom The Atom to my ears is the most analytic. The Liquid Spark is the most musical. Magni 3 is somewhere in between and is personally my favorite in this price category.
99% sure you won't need one considering I didn't receive any benefits from a HD 600 with an amp which is harder to drive. I like JDS labs atoms though.
Magni 3 is way better than the O2, though. Especially paired with the Modi 3. Those are the only two I can speak on thus far.
If it's for gaming I recommend one of Creative's DAC/AMP combos, otherwise you might get some lag in the sound.
Magni 3 all the way, schiit has quite a few in B-stock on the current deals tab for $89
Doh! I just paid $119 lol