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Headphone amp suggestions for Fostex T60rp's?

Hi am seekingHeadphone amp suggestions for my Fostex T60rp's with balanced RLX cable? Am thinking Aune x7s or Fostex Hp-a4bl? ... or perhaps there is something else I should be considering?

Ps, have lowered gain to medium... i can hear again!.... what.... is smoother, kinda to ears, hi-res Bluesound Node 2i stuff really good through x7s and t60rp’s :)
Ok so update, have tried it all, the Aune X7s and balanced cable with fostex t60rp’s...wow what detail! So good. Really love them, everything is just right.... i’ve Been a little crazy and have them on high gain !!! At 1200 tops, love the sound, am a little deaf now, gave them a good run in, changed main power plug to a Chord one and that also made a differnence surprisingly - a little more soundstage and punchier lows. Really pleased...
ive got the t60rp and aune x7s but haven't paired them yet.
I will be trying them out later today or tomorrow when rlx cable arrives. Will let you know how that goes :)
I run the T60 off the HPA4BL, works great. My goto for all Fostex cans really. The Aune should be OK.
Thank you. Now I have the Aune am waiting for extra Chord RCAs and my balanced cable for the t60rps... to try it all it... patience sigh....
Update have brought the Aune x7s. Couldn't wait.
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This portable setup kicks butt
Very nice!!