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Is the Schiit stack still worth it, or are there other options that are as good/ better around the same price range?

I use the HD 6XX’s as my daily drivers. I have a fiio Q1 Mk2 that I use to power them but I’m looking for a desktop pair of an amp and dac. Tube amp would be nice, but I would like a clean and slightly warm sounding solid state as a baseline before I start getting into tubes. Thanks for the help!
LuckyLuke575 and ILikeAcid

I also have the FiiO Q1 Mk2 and just ordered a pair of 6XX's. I was wondering if the normal 3.5 mm output is enough to drive the 6XX's at a loud enough level given their impedance? I would assume that the balanced output is more than sufficient. Also wondering what your reasons are for wanting to upgrade? I'm already starting to think about a next level dac/amp combo to match with the 6XXs. Thoughts so far are THX AAA 789 with a decent dac, Aune X1S, or Schitt stack Modi/Magni combo. Either way from what I've heard its worthwhile to go the balanced output route with a decent cable to match, so that is also one of my considerations.
The fiio is powerful enough, but only barely. I'm always on high gain with the knob at 4 o'clock at the minimum.
I'd recommend the Schiit Jotenhiem DAC/AMp combo which im using now. You'll get a better sound also it with a balanced cable with a 4 pin XLR termination
Objectivly, the Liquid Spark and JDS Atom are better than the Magni. If you like a slight warmth the Liquid Spark is the way to go, both in sound, and as a warm place to rest your hand in winter. If you have a decent source you wan wait on the DAC.
For my ears the 6xx add plenty of warmth so I prefer as neutral as possible electronics to allow me to alter the sound via different headphones and have a base sound that stays a color-free as I can (within my admittedly diminutive budget) I have nothing but amazing things to say about my topping d30 dac and from what testing I have seen it measures far better than the Schiit. Topping also makes an a30 amp as well as a few others that pair quite nicely as far as looks are concened I've heard good things about how they sound but haven't yet personally heard them.
...and I use it with the 6XXs
I love my Schiit stack! Magni and Modi 3's