Feb 12, 2019

Shinola watches

Hi, Does anyone have experience with Shinola watches? I have eye sight problems and thought that their 47mm watch face and simple, large numbers might be quite useful for someone in my position. All comments welcome. Jon

I have a Filson branded field watch made by Shinola and am very happy with it. No problems with fit, finish, or function. The MSRP is a bit outlandish, but worth it if you can find one on clearance. Most of them are quartz movements. My wife also has a Shinola and is pleased with it.
There are many less expensive watches with large numerals! Unless you've got dough to blow? In that case you've got plenty of options (Panerai comes to mind). But if you'd be okay spending less, plenty of options from Seiko, Citizen, even Times in the sub-two hundred rage. By the way, you didn't mention a preference for Dress or Casual, that makes a difference!
I have a Runwell Moonphase 47mm and it is very easy to read at normal distance (with out my readers) My was $900 net a few years ago, now you can find them for half that price on the Internet.

I have one that I picked up from one of their outlet stores a few years back. No issues with it,but I'm not a big battery-powered watch fan. Orient has an automatic, big-faced aviator style with a luminous face (model FEM7A006R) that is an excellent value. I've had one for years and is what I call my "adventure watch", so it has been through a lot with no issues. You can probably still find one out there.