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Best Instagram accounts for knives?

Who are your favorite makers (or collectors or whatever) to follow on IG?
Here are some that I've been enjoying recently:
Always looking for what's new, popular, unique - hashtags are welcome, too.
ltopper, PrayForFarmers, and 11 others

Southern Alberta knifemaker, mostly hunting and cowboy usage knives.
I have several of your knives and plan on picking up a Crux when the correct color and scale becomes available. I am not wild about the Falcon, but I can't say anything bad about the quality. Your knives speak for themselves. I don't believe that you need to recommend yourself. Your work does.
Can I be shameless and recommend myself? IG: @ferrumforgechris
Yes...but you should post a link or your handle, my dude!
Advanced knife bro. S30vn chris. And probably nick Shabazz. Oh and Ohio.

These guys are all about custom anodizing, except knifemaster60, he does amazing hand carved artwork on titanium scales
I would definitely recommend @wesleys_pockets hes not as active as he used to be but his pictures are really high quality most of the time. ;)
Pro-Tech Knives - protechknives
PS - You're welcome to follow my account if you like.
Anger knives 👌🤟
I'm particularly fond of makers from my home country, #profile that has every day a new custom knife made in brazil
and some of the cool makers:
GTC! I saw on IG that he was just in Bob Terzuola's shop doing a collaboration.
I follow notorious but hadn't seen the first account - will check you out!
Some classy EDC items there, I dig the Maratac CR123 copper.
I'll admit it...I'm spoiled. Most of the custom knife makers in the U.S.A. buy their raw materials and pre-cut blanks from a friend of mine. Please check out his cutlery at and his steel stock and knife blanks at You won't be disappointed!
Damn! I'm on a knife group and they rave about how good NJ Steel Baron is, you actually know the owner?
Super nice guys, and we really like what we are hearing about Nitro-V steel, their nitrogen-enriched AEB-L.
Absolutely amazing stuff by Brian, who is taking over his father's (Bruce Bump's) business
Really nice work, will be following him - thanks!
Middleton damascus is the most unbelievable I've ever seen. Fine art.
@everydaycommentary is great for reviews
Yeah, that's a good one - he gets a LOT of points from me for keeping videos under 5:00 min. Literally not a single person I have ever met wants to stare at someone turning a knife over and over and over while the camera tries to focus for 10:00+ minutes. There should be a PSA about this epidemic.
Young guy making some gorgeous knives.
Benchmade or spyderco
Jason Guthrie (would love to own a Ranger)
Db blades makes some beautiful stuff.
If you like kitchen knives, you have to check out Cut Throat Knives from Australia.
Oh yeah, those are killer! That honeycomb handle is pretty trick.
My favourite knife maker is Allen Elishewitz but unfortunately he doesn't do instagram. However he has a web page and you can sign up for email updates. He doesnt spam your box, maybe once every 2 months I get something. Allen is pretty cool.
Allen is most definitely on IG.
As amatter of fact he's been posting so often that he is contemplating shutting down his USN subforum.
Thanks for the info. I didn't see a link on the Elishewitz web site to his Instagram account, so I didn't know that one existed. knife photographer
Oh yeah, I see his booth at all the shows and his photos are used by a lot of custom makers. Thanks!
If you're not following Tuff Knives on Instagram, you're missing out.
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They're usually over a 1k, sometimes over 2k. The quality is insanely high, though. I don't own one yet, but I've handled a few, and those knives convinced me that if I ever spend that much in a knife it'll be one of Geoff's.
Meh, that's all subjective. You would be hard pressed to find a maker who's work is better, even if he is a relative newcomer. Remember, he started customizing productions back in like 2010, so it's not like he's new to working on knives.