Feb 13, 2019

Smoothest opening Knife?

I really prefer thumb stud but those seem to be less and less common. Whats the smoothest opening knife on Massdrop?

I bought an Mcusta MC-1 as my first purchase on Massdrop.  Damascus blade, liner lock, nothing particularly special about the design, but once you get the feel of the thumb stud down, that thing shoots out like a switchblade.  No idea about many other MD knives, I'm sure some are better, but that one is very "smooth" by my measure.
Not having every knife sold by MD, I certainly can't answer this question based on personal experience. Right off the top of my head, I believe that my smoothest opening knife is my Steel Will Apostate 1113. The Steel Will Modus is not for behind. Most of my Kershaw AOs are quicker. The Launch 7 is very fast. My Hogue auto is much quicker. The Bestech Swordfish that is sold here is very quick and smooth. So is the FF Gent. I am not sure what information you are after. When a certain point is reached, there is precious little perceptible difference. When I see Olympic gymnasts on the balance beam, they all look like 10s. (Except when they fall off.) If you are looking for a purchasing guide, I would highly recommend reading the reviews. If there are opening problems, they will be talked about.
Kershaw Oso Sweet opens very quickly and smoothly