Feb 13, 2019

Closed Back Headphones

Hello everyone, I'm a university student and I'm very new to the audiophile scene so I have very little to no knowledge when it comes to scouting out good headphones. I'm not really into open back headphones as I like being completely isolated when I listen to music or game. That being said, my five year old razer headphone speakers are starting to sound foggy and I'm looking for a new closed back headphone. I'd mainly use it to listen to music and game. I love heavy bass and instrumentals, and most of the video games I play are open world/shooters . My price range caps out at $150usd, however I can spend a bit higher if I'm persuaded to. Thanks and cheers!

I can recommend the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO. They're in your price range depending on where you buy them from, and have great dynamic low end and very clear treble. They also have different impedance versions (32, 80, 250 ohm) so you can choose a lower impedance version if you're just using a phone or regular computer audio out. Super comfortable for all day listening, and build quality is excellent as they are designed to be studio (working) headphones, parts are replaceable, plus they're made in Germany.
And that's Canadian $!! Even cheaper!