Feb 14, 2019

I am allergic to wires.....

I can't use any of the headset here. I need some high end wireless headphones without breaking the bank. So my question is.... Do you guys plan on having any to offer??

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I have used the Steelseries Arctic pro wireless, and I thought they were very good. For Comparison, I have also used the Logitech G933 wireless - also good but the Steeleseries sound better and are slightly more comfortable.
I use a Corsair Void headset, after tuning the eq a bit, I have to say I love them. they are built very solid, (aside from the mic boom arm [mine broke off after 2 years of abuse, headset is still 100% functional though]) the volume is impressive and the sound quality is downright impressive for the price. They can be gotten for <$75 refurb.