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Need a new Headset

Hello, I'm trying to find a headset that has both nice quality in sound and quality mic. A year and a half ago i bought the Lucid Sound LS30 and they are splitting down the middle because there is a huge design flaw with the headset. However with the sound and mic the quality is amazing. I'm looking for a headset that will have that kind of quality but without the design mistakes as LS has. Any suggestion is great and yes, I prefer headsets because I really don't have room for a separate mic and headphone. Also, I prefer wireless over wired just because i'm a klutz and before i switched to wireless with LS I used to accidentally rip the headphones off my head all the time no matter how careful I was. Anyways, I've done hours of research already but haven't come to a headset I'm ready to be committed to so i'm hoping for more ideas. Thanks!

IMO, the Massdrop Sennheiser PC37X has a nice 'balanced" sound that's not too "reference". The mic quality from Sennheiser for Wired Headsets is one of the best on the market
Headsets having nice mic quality is hard. A mod mic and headphones is a good choice or just check out YouTube or sound cloud for people demoing the mics. Xoxo
I've seen it and it sounds like a promising product. I'll have to look into it some more. Thanks!
Any budget constraints?
It just needs to be reasonable. Any suggestions are appreciated and I'll consider if i can afford it. Thanks for replying!
The Logitech G933 can be had for less than $100 since the G935 just came out. The Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless is very good, but $125+ in cost. The Arctis Pro is great, but $250+ A choice for each price range!
Theres a drop on the Sennheiser PC37X, that's supposed to be great.
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I've heard the Void pro are very sloppy for smaller heads and if you shake your head slightly they'll slip off. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Best would be to visit a local electronics store and try on/out the different headset