Feb 15, 2019

104(+) + RGB + mechanical + wireless???

Why can't I find full size (104+ keys), wireless (preferably BT), RGB (preferably fully programmable), mechanical (preferably with options on switch type) keyboards? Is this soooo hard? I have a hard time to replace my (non mechanical) K800 that has so nice goodies, like LED a sensor that actually detects hands over keyboard to light it up. Is everything available just a mix of the same things?

I never see bluetooth / wireless full sized mechanical keyboards. Lots of 60%'s and TKL's
There are very few and lack features. There is one in ebay supposedly by Motospeed. But can't find it in Motospeed site and the LED are not RGB. There is another one in kickstarter/indiegogo too, also with some stupid limitations (like they don't even have feet to raise the back). Can someone make a PROPER one? Welcome features: RGB properly programmable instead of stupid presets. Hand sensor to light it up, like Logitech K800.