Feb 17, 2019
My first experiment on a pok3r with old keycaps. This is an ITA layout with highlighted direction key. I find it very confortable.

The keyboard looks pretty normal, except for the keycaps that I don't understand why you only partly changed! The real star to me is the pc! Did you swap the original internals for modern components?
Ciao Tosel, yes you're right it's just a game with keycaps that I have at home. Anyway I find some secondary legend like the direction key on the top better than the original. About the pc... Second I don't look so much the keyboard when I type, but little difference under the fingers are nice. About the SGI: I had in the garage only the plastic and the metal case and I decided to assembly a pc. I think it's a great piece of design, and It has incorporated speaker. mini atx mitx like evga stinger fit inside; core i7, 16 gb ram nvidia graphic card: not a problem and it's possible to use most of the original pieces of the case. I also have an original one with mips & irix, but today it's useful only to do some graphics (sgi were/are amazing machines anyway).