Feb 18, 2019

Microphone recommendations

So I'm getting PC very soon and need a separate mic/ headset. I now have a headset and still looking for a mic. I want something pretty quality for $200 or under. Any suggestions?

You could just go with a Blue Snowball or a AT2020USB+, both are very good microphones for their price. If you plan to get the Snowball, you could pair it up with a boom arm and a pop filter while you're at it.
I love my Yeti microphone made by blue for $179 when I got it a few years ago... incredible quality .. mult-options (sterio, interview, directional, or omnidirectional) and you can hear a pin drop from across the room!

I'll never use the Razer microphone again, that's it. Done.
what happened?
Noise from USB power jitter, and popping sound when you speak loud. It's useless whether you turn down microphone volume or not, I thought maybe is the integrated mic pre-amp's problem.
AT2020 or Blue Yeti are the best options, although others do exist.
The best option is probably the AT2020 mic but it is a little more expensive than the Blue yeti
Most of the blue yeti line of microphones are high quality and inexpensive.