Feb 19, 2019

Shipping Concerns

I've been reading a lot of comments and I am concerned that I won't get my keyboard in a timely manner. Approximately how long after a purchase am I expected to have my keyboard?

Most products on massdrop are group buys, which means they collect the money up front before manufacturing. Every product page will have an estimated ship date that is usually more or less accurate. Sometimes manufacturing takes longer than expected and there are delays. You should always look at the ship date before you purchase and decide if you can wait that long for your keyboard. There are some products labeled as "massdrop made" that ship immediately. Waiting for six months or more is not unusual, so you'll need to factor that into your buying decisions. The important thing to remember is that most of the mechanical keyboard products sold here will only be produced once, and you will have a difficult time finding them for sale on the second hand market (and the price will be higher than what you pay here).
Mine shipped on time based on the ship date on the page (product was in stock so shipped within 24hrs). It then took about a week for me to get the keyboard in Canada.
So maybe I bought it when it was out of stock?
Yeah whatever it says in the drop is usually when it ships.. that’s the only downfall about Massdrop is waiting for your product to arrive... such a waiting game
Check the shipment date of the product you ordered. It will give you a call park of when to expect it.
It says April 1st but that's way too late. Does it always take this long or does it usually ship before the expected date?
It could, but most likely you will have to wait.