Feb 20, 2019


Is this a decent material for a blade?
gorian2222, JonasHeineman, and 1 other

It’s basically equivalent to 440a steel. It’s a tough, stainless, budget knife steel.
And what is the blade to do? The edge retention is not going to be great. If you went with this steel, I recommend that it be dealt with by a reputable manufacturer. With good heat treatment and good geometry, you can expect to have a good, serviceable knife. I would probably take a 1095 from TOPS over this. (This is about the same as 440A) I recently ordered a S&W fixed blade (SW7) in this steel. I have not batoned with it, nor attacked any survivors of Lynn Thompson's car hood impalements, but it is well put together with good looking grinds and a comfortable grip. I cuts well and stabs well. I paid about $25 for it. I have no complaints.
Pretty soft, so it won't hold a great edge for long but it will be very easy to sharpen.
Thank you.
Okay steel for beater knife,so many other better steels for same $,12c27,8cr13mov,13c26 to name just a few...but if you like the looks of the knife and it has 7cr13mov try it out.
Thank you. It's for an every day farm pocket knife. Cutting twine 75% of the time. Under $25 and feels great in my hand.