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Just got this Asus Essensce STX II sound card and I must say it is definitely "audiophile" quality. For me, this is the best consumer rated sound card money can buy! The sound on it is amazing and with swappable op-amps, the sound profiles are endless. I swapped the Muses 8920s for the TI op-amps that come with it. People said those give tighter bass which I would agree with. I plan on getting Burson V5i's to put in it as soon as I have the money. This drives my Sennheiser HD579 headset and some Samson speakers/monitors that I have. I plan on getting the Sennheiser HD660S as soon as I have the money or maybe pick up the 58XX off Massdrop . I can't recommend this sound card enough. Makes listening to my FLAC music files on my PC a blast! Go to amazon.com and grab one now!
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i just put the burson v5 in my xonar hdav in the primary slot (essentially the older model stx without a separate headphone circuit), replacing the v5i i had been using there my advice ? save up for that one :) the v5i is beautiful, but the v5 is better :D
While the headphone amp is nice to have, reviews suggest that at least some of these STX II cards fall significantly short of SINAD, dynamic range, and noise specs... Definitely something to consider. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-asus-stx-ii-pci-sound-card.4915/