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Speaker recommendations for low-power amp (Micca Origain AD250)

I just picked up the AD 250 and am looking for a decent pair of bookshelf speakers ($150 - $300 range) to pair with it. Currently using a pair of Yamaha AP4400S's that someone left on the sidewalk a few weeks ago. The AD 250 is supposed to put out 50 watts at 4 ohms and 30 watts at 8 ohms. I was cautioned by a (Crutchfield) sales person that my amp is bit underpowered for some of the speakers I am considering (ELAC 5s or 6s, for example). The AD 250 seems to meet my needs -- small footprint and very simple -- but I would consider another amp if I really need more power. Strong preference to avoid a full-sized amp, however. With the Yamaha's I am using right now I've noticed the volume knob needs to be somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 of maximum to get the volume level I typically like to listen at. Most of the bookshelf speakers I am looking at have larger woofers, so I see a potential problem here. (Aside from the ELACs, speakers I've seen with good reviews from websites like What Hi Fi include Dali Spektor 2, Q Acoustics 3020i, Wharfedale 220s. Also looking at Polk S15s, which may be a better match for a low-power amp). The speakers will be set up in a bedroom (about 150 sq. ft.), but I am trying to push sound into another smallish room. I don't envision playing anything terribly loud. I am also using a chromecast audio device, which connect my bedroom speakers with a similar setup I have in my living room. W Does anyone have any recommendations for (passive) bookshelf speakers -- either specific speakers to look at or specific properties to look for (e.g., sensitivity above a certain level, speaker size less than x inches, etc.). Or is there a different (DAC/)amp you recommend I look at?

i have 2 sets of wharfedales - the ancient diamond 3's via a topping amp which my daughter got as "hand me down", and a pair of 10.1's with the gx subwoofer the topping is nominally rated as 14w at 8ohms, and the diamond 3's are 8ohm with a sensitivity of 86db - they fill a small room with ease, but past the 2o'clock position it starts to distort if you aren't trying to have a rave party, the ad250 would do well with any pair you can locate generally superseded models are a bargain - i got the pair of 10.1 for just over aud$300 delivered, after the next series was released - under half list price brand new in america, they will be a rare animal i think
Thanks for the info. Based on the responses I've received so far I don't feel pressured to make a decision. If I find a great deal on a better (small) amp, I'll return my Micca AD250. I think that's unlikely, in which case I can wait for a bargain on speakers (I saw that some KEFs which normally go for over $500 were recently on sale for $300). The 10.1s may be just the bargain I'm looking for.
the 10.1's do a very fine job; the subwoofer certainly adds to the impact, but even without that they are very lovely
Thanks for all of your comments. I checked Craigslist (NYC) just now for an inexpensive used amp with a small footprint -- didn't see anything but will continue to check while I still have time to make up my mind about the Micca AD 250. I'll take a look at the Dayton 652s -- just came across another post that mentioned they are quite good for the price. There are a ridiculous number of speaker choices from $70 to $300 - running pricewise from Dayton to Pioneer to Klipsch to ELAC/Q Acoustics/Dali at the higher end of the range.
I'm running Elac Debut B6 2.0 out of a similar class D amp, the Dayton DTA 120-BT. Mine does 40 Watts into 8 ohm speakers. It drives them well in general, and overall SQ is good. but by comparison my Schiit Vidar drives them much better and the SQ is better. I am considering buying a class AB amp to go with these speakers, and getting some Dayton B652 Airs to go with the class D amp. Looking at stuff by Emotiva, Yamaha and Onkyo, some with DAC some without. I would recommend the Dayton if you want a small footprint.
I would get rid of the micca, its bad... For $79 u could of bought a quality used stereo amp or HT receiver for maybe even $50 in your local classified, just buy the speakers u really want then find a nice used Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, NAD and ect… amp for around 50-150$. Trust me they are out there its amazing what people sell for cheap when the equipment they are selling use to be multiple hundreds/thousands.
The Klipsch R15m is a great place to start, and you can easily find them at the bottom of your budget range. They are competitive with much pricier speakers. I've run mine quite satisfactorily from an Appj Mini2013, which is lower powered than your Origain, and currently have them hooked up to a Topping Pa3, which is similar in power to yours. Only caution I have is that if the Micca is harsh on the high end, the Klipsch's will tend to accentuate that (I haven't heard an Origain).