Aug 9, 2017363 views

Watch Check: Seiko Turtle Blue Lagoon SRPB11

This arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it. I was all set to buy a Seiko SKX009 Pepsi Bezel but ended up opting for this limited edition Seiko Turtle (6,000 pieces produced). The colour of the dial and bezel is quite dazzling live and it has the "turtle" case which sits beautifully on the wrist. It also has a better movement - the 4R36 with hacking and hand-winding, that the SKX range doesn't have. It cost a bit more than the SKX but I felt the upgrade was worth the extra investment and was still within budget. It ships with both the stainless steel bracelet (a better bracelet than on the SKXs) and the rubber two-piece strap. I've put the rubber strap on it because it's my beater... Some beater!

rsallen, Duncan Hinds, and 8 others

It looks great on your wrist. It may be too bulky on my slender wrist.
Good catch man.... I keep a Turtle LE in the rotation as well, and they are a whole lotta bang for the buck.
grats on the acquisition