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How many MUSICIANS out there?

I'd like to propose creating a "Musical Instruments" community but I need your support! Like and share this post if like me you want a nice Fender bass guitar or Drumheads or Cymbal packs or other cool musical stuff from Massdrop! Let's get this party started! :D

Like and share the post!!

loganmeixsell, Alex Ho, and 330 others

This need to happen
COUNT ME IN!! For sure this could a great add for the Musicians Community
I would be down, but I have reservations on how much we could really save compared to buying new or lightly used on Reverb or other sites.
Count me in!!!
Massdrop should do this if they care about their users.
I’m in!
+1 Me please.
I'm completely obsessed with the Music Man Stingray bass. I have a couple and they are my favorite instruments by far. I suspect you can tempt me with all sorts of basses, but if you drop a Stingray fretless, I will be powerless.

I'm in.
Count me in
I’m good with this.
Count me in as well!
Count me in!
Please remember the left-handed :)
drummer, piano player and sound engineering is love to see musician related drops on here some day.
sure thing, I'll join
Great idea. You have my vote!
I play drums, synth, produce and host a radio show. Let's get it going!
Unfortunately, many musical instruments manufacturers have a "minimum sales price" policy that prevents retailers to sell under a certain fixed price. So I doubt Massdrop will be able to get better deals on regular stock instruments at a lower price with companies who follow this policy. They'd have to come up with Massdrop + Xcompanyname exclusivities so that no retailers would be undercut from these Massdrop deals. But that could be pretty interesting.
Am more of a synth / keyboards guy but still interested!
I'm a musician, and an authorized dealer of numerous instrument brands. I talked to my manufacturers about doing a Massdrop-style sale independently on my site to help generate business and meet dealer quotas ... and those conversations didn't go far. The MAP pricing agreements always got in the way. So while I can't do drops independently, I hope Massdrop will have enough sway to make it happen for this community.
I purchase a lot of gear from AMS and there margins are razor thin. Has a lot to do with the great finance options approved by the vendors. Purchased a Roland drum kit with 18 months no interest using my debit card. That’s hard to compete with. Trust me Massdrop can’t compete in this arena. 🤙
Definitely electronic drum kits, keyboards, etc...
Would love electronic drum kits, monitors, sticks etc
Yes! Pro audio and plugins for sure!!!
With Fender Stratocaster guitar you never wrong...is something that almost every guitar player wants to have in arsenal. It would be amazing to have a mass drop Roli keyboard, this futuristic master keyboard still quite expensive for mass diffusion. Definitively accessories and software such VST or virtual instruments are very popular, even though many web sites offer them in great promotions.
Would be Sick!
Heck yes!
Keyboards and software plugins/software instrument packs would be cool. Deals on MIDI controllers and stage keyboards would also be nice to see.
Yeah maybe not so much instruments themselves but definitely accessories.
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I have zero interest in a mass market instrument (Fender, Gibson, etc) BUT a drop of boutique instruments would potentially be very interesting. The return policy becomes critical because an instrument may be unusable for me and it's impossible to know until I play it. Unfortunately there isn't room for boutique makers to "scale" production for a drop. Having 20 pre-sales is great but they can't really drop prices much in exchange for the business. So I'm probably not going to be buying anything this way.
Accessories are extremely difficult to discount. Large scale operations like Sweetwater and Guitar Center get volume discounts that a normal dealer can't get access to. Those big boxes sell accessories cheaper than dealer cost, so you're already getting a huge discount at those sites. They can do that because they're really not in the business of selling instruments, but selling you their credit card to make partial payments on your purchases of big ticket items that already carry enough of a healthy margin.
Yes . . . BUT . . . there is always a but . . . I would buy consumables (strings, picks, etc) as well as non critical items but I really doubt I would buy a guitar or such without a SOLID return policy . . . sometimes things look good but feel less so . . . same for amps . . . Would LOVE a good deal one some pedals and something like the Volca line and/or teenage engineering . . . (those are cheap enough that I would be willing to -potentially- waste some money on) . . .