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How many MUSICIANS out there?

I'd like to propose creating a "Musical Instruments" community but I need your support! Like and share this post if like me you want a nice Fender bass guitar or Drumheads or Cymbal packs or other cool musical stuff from Massdrop! Let's get this party started! :D

Like and share the post!!

Raithmir, Aditya Rao, and 370 others

I'm in for Audio Interfaces, Guitar and Bass effects and Guitars and Basses (obviously...). Add in Home Studio gear for added value please?
I'm in for drumheads and cymbal packs!
YES!!! Any audio production gear would be amazing, instruments, interfaces, mics, outboard. This would definitely be a big seller category
I highly welcome the idea of creating a "Musical Instruments" community. I'm mysels an average amateur musician, and as job I'm manufacturing custom instruments (drawbar organs or Hammond clones as they are known named)
Great idea!
BIG fan of this idea!
And home studio.
Yes PLEASE! This would be a fantastic resource for so many people. You’d sell loads of gear!
Add brands such as and definitely not limited to Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Gretsch, PRS and Ibanez. And I’m sure many others, I’d love to see some les Paul’s for a great price
Love what everyone's saying about adding studio equipment to that; I was also thinking about adding analog synth stuff in there since it’s very popular these days and there’s a very strong community. Fully support this idea, always wished Massdrop had one.
I am definitely down. What about instead of it being strictly "Musical Instruments", trying to make it broader in a sense of all things for musicians or aspiring musicians. Things such as recording interfaces and equipment, as well as actual instruments and gear. Maybe pre-made kits for different levels of players (beginners, intermediate, advanced). It seems to becoming more and more popular to get kits and build your own guitar/bass, and there are several different companies that offer these kits at a range of prices. That seems like those would be something that is very friendly to Massdrop. Also maybe approach companies like Warmoth that not only sells just quality necks and bodies, but fully built instruments as well. I would not even hesitate to purchase a Massdrop/Warmoth (exclusive type of build or not) guitar.
Cool idea but technically Warmoth doesn’t make full guitars. That’s how they keep their licensing agreement with Fender - they only make parts to sell to Fender customers, not guitars to competed with Fender. At least in theory.
Ah. I see that now. It's been a while, but I could've sworn they use to have an option for an entire build. You chose all the options, and if requested, they would put together and ship it. Oh well.. still some amazing guitar/bass necks and bodies.
Pro audio gear would be a no-brainer. Mics, audio interfaces, outboard gear, etc.
Hell yes. Drum gear such as big bundles of sticks, drum heads & cymbals would be dope.
An Evidence Audio Monorail cable drop for everyine upgrading their george L cables would be appropriate. http://www.evidenceaudio.com/product/the-monorail

This would be amazing to discover new instruments or accessories that musicians did not know they needed!
I'm totally in!!! Guitar strings, picks, tuners, drum heads, shells, bricks of drumsticks, cymbals, shakers, ANYTHING!!
This need to happen
COUNT ME IN!! For sure this could a great add for the Musicians Community
I would be down, but I have reservations on how much we could really save compared to buying new or lightly used on Reverb or other sites.
Count me in!!!
Massdrop should do this if they care about their users.
I’m in!
+1 Me please.
I'm completely obsessed with the Music Man Stingray bass. I have a couple and they are my favorite instruments by far. I suspect you can tempt me with all sorts of basses, but if you drop a Stingray fretless, I will be powerless.

I'm in.
Count me in
I’m good with this.
Count me in as well!
Count me in!
Please remember the left-handed :)