Feb 24, 2019

Can you help me compare Amp/Dac ?

I have Beyerdynamic dt 990 premium 600 ohms. I use them for music, game, and movies. I know an Amp/Dac would be nice. Question is this: Has anyone tested the creative labs Sound blasterx G6, and if yes, how does it sound for audio quality ? I know that for gaming its ok, but for movie and music is it good ? Does it compare to Fiio e10k or any other Dac/Amp I keep hering about for about the same price ?

I have the SBX G6 for while. I can only compare it with SB ZxR and SXFi. I think it's good. I found it can be easily interfered, possibly because of the plastic casing. I put it on top of the Intel Nuc and could hear constant static noise.
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I never used Realtek. But I think G6 sounds better than ZxR. I suppose ZxR should be better than Realtek, which makes G6 better than Realtek I guess. However, G6 doesn't really have multichannel output (Dolby Digital or DTS). Therefore, I use G6 for music and ZxR for gaming. I bought G6 for portability, which can be used with a laptop and mini PC. Also, I never used high impedance headphones. I have SONY MDR-7520, MDR-7550, and Audeze LCD-MX4, all used on low volume (~40) and low gain.
Thnaks alot, if the price is ok, i think I will give it a try