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Giveaway: Diplomat Excellence A Fountain Pen (CLOSED)

We’re giving away a Diplomat Excellence A fountain pen! This giveaway is for the lapis black finish with chrome trim and a medium stainless steel nib. To enter, click the “like” (thumbs up) button in the lower left corner of this post. This giveaway ends on August 18 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email within the week. You must be a Massdrop member to enter. Giveaways are open to US and Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec. For more information, see our complete giveaway rules: About the Diplomat Excellence A Fountain Pen Diplomat’s Excellence A fountain pen is fitted with a stainless steel nib bearing the company’s iconic logo. This proprietary nib offers a bit of springy flex that most stainless steel nibs lack, enabling some line variation without muting feedback. The snap-closure cap is fitted with the company’s signature pocket clip and features a finial that also bears the Diplomat logo. Gleaming trim adorns either side of the resin-coated grip, as well as the bottom of the cap, and the pen is compatible with international standard cartridges and converters.
Specs · Body material: Brass · Finish: Lapis black · Trim: Chrome · Nib: Stainless steel, M · Length, capped: 5.24 in (13.3 cm) · Length, uncapped: 5.12 in (13 cm) · Length, posted: 6.06 in (15.4 cm) · Weight: 1.48 in (42 g) · Made in Germany
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This giveaway has concluded and the prize has been awarded to the winner. Stay tuned for when we do this again!
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Good luck!
Isn't this giveaway over? It's dated August of last year. I suggest removing giveaways shortly after they are completed.
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That sounds like an excellent plan. Perhaps there could be a section in which such posts could be archived?
A feature we don't have right now, but that's a good idea especially for stuff like this. Appreciate your feedback!
One of the most consistently smooth nibs made...
Us poor foreigners can pay shipping? If we win?
Us poor foreigners can't have one :-(
I'm looking forward to having it.
I want this on my desk!
I’ve always wanted a Diplomat pen. Heard so many great things about their smooth nibs. :)
My Kid will love this
Lapis Black... interesting.
me please!!
Yes please! Thank you!
I need it in my exquisite collection!
I have to have it for my collection!
I want it
I love it
Congratulations to YOAV S., the lucky winner of the Diplomat Excellent A Fountain Pen giveaway!

We're overwhelmed with the response we've had to this giveaway, and we're looking forward to doing more of them.

If you're interested, you can still participate in our One-Liner Stories Giveaway which is going on until tomorrow night:

Thanks everyone!