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Anyone Else Interested in a Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress Drop? Solo/Co-Op Games Workshop Boxed Game

I'm primarily interested in this for solo play and it looks to have plenty of replayability and a lengthy campaign with legacy elements. It's reportedly lighter than Gloomhaven for solo play, which is appealing to me.
, Dustin Tucker, and 51 others

I'm in, if we can get a decent price on it.
Definitely. Hope we get more than 32 people voting. :D
Voted for both options :D Wouldn't mind seeing KillTeam Citadel Rouge Trader
Have you read any reviews about Solo play? That sounds like it could be a good reason to get a copy.
I could be, depending on the price of course
Me me me...
Glad to see some interest but it doesn't look like I can make a poll just for this item. 🤔 Probably have to throw in another option.
For everyone interested, I did make a poll. Not sure I did it right. https://www.massdrop.com/vote/-Best-Of-Warhammer-Quest-Boxed-Games-In-Print
yep...definitely interested