Feb 27, 2019

Audiophile headphone Y splitter cables

Trying to find an audiophile grade Y headphone cable (to connect 2 headphones into one jack).. Does anyone know anywhere online or store that would carry something like this? Thanks

There are factory pressed and take a beating. Availability might be an issue however... www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/544608-REG/Grado_Y_ADAPTER_1_4_Stereo_Male_to.html
No such thing as "audiophile grade" cables, simply well made, and poorly made.
Not sure by "audiophile grade." Cables that are 4-pin XLR male split to 2 female XLRs do exist (also with 1/4 inch). Other option. Buy some connectors, copper wire, insulator, solder and a soldering iron, and teach yourself a valuable new skill that will save you tons of $