Mar 4, 2019103 views

Current Drops Over-Ear Headphones

Hello, Looking to upgrade my current Audioquest Nighthawk(MK1) to something that hits abit harder on the low notes, and keeps that tight Bass. Which of the current drops has the most Punch on the lower notest? And still keeps a crisp sound picture? :) Best Regards, John Steinar (Untamed Insanity) Norway


Make that another recommendation for th-x00s (tr-x00 is removable cable). Purple hearts are fat bass, ebonies are tight bass. Both are totally sexy when listening to them. Burn in makes them better and better. I have better cans, but none I love more.
Seconded. Bass-wise, there's nothing even close to the TR-X00 among the active drops (and not that many other headphones at the same caliber on bass, period). I own the Purplehearts and very much enjoy them.
That's already a bass elevated headphone but the Fostex has punch like few before them with enough power. Purpleheart for the most v-shaped (may not jive if you like the rolled off treble on the Nighthawk), Ebony for the most linear. All three varieties have good punch and quickness, they take a good 10 hours or so of break-in for the bass to tighten up to it's full potential.