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Music streamer recomendation

I'm looking for a recomendation for a good quality music streamer, roughly on par with my Rega P6. Roon ready with Tidal and Qobuz a definite plus.

Just to update the thread. I am looking at an iFi Pro iDSD. I know it has an onboard DAC but it has a lot of features that I like, fits inside the budget and seems really flexible. I plan on using it as a streamer and a replacement for my Darkvoice 336SE. I would appreiciate any comments or examples of your experience with this streamer/DAC or similar products.
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I've decided that my system is better than I thought. Everything just sounds better.
Every layer adds it own alteration to the signal... I firmly believe in maximizing source performance so regardless of downstream gears impact you are starting off with a clean signal
I would echo RJ-Chicago's comments. I also use a Bluesound product (Vault 2). If you need a streamer, try a Node. If you want a streamer/CD ripper with storage, take a look at the Vault. Also used with Roon. Good luck!
There are a lot of good streamers available. I happen to be happy with the BluSound Node 2i. It is relaitively small, it supports Tidal and Qobuz. It is also a Roon endpoint if you want to ever use Roon. It is also readily available on the used markets. Also not that much money compared to the alternatives.
I have an Auralic Aries (first generation), and it has been an absolute nightmare to keep running. Worst audio component I've ever dealt with. When it works, however, it does sound fantastic. I can only hope the G1/G2 works much better.
You can't go much wrong with the Bluesound Node 2i. Great value for money.
I was streaming to a chromecast audio (24/96) then fiured out if I stream to a regular chromecast I can stream 24/196
I would make sure it included native DSD capability, a resource: I did like the idea of an ssd for actual streaming and an old-fashioned spinning disk(s) with flying head(s) to update and shut down for noise abatement. Though now costs have come down so large SSD’s are not unreasonable... then folks like esoteric say no drive size/configuration will ever be right and moon is a player only w/o a dac... go figure... My “player”, a Korg MR-2000;) My base rules would (should) be, native DSD, 2TB or larger SSD, and a great clock in an oven. This is a fast changing platform arena; don’t think there are many real mistakes and prices are dropping a bit, interested to see your choice. Do skip the ones with speaker terminals...
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I just ordered an iFi Pro iDSD.
That unit looks like a very fun Swiss Army Knife of audio reproductive capabilities...
Budget is fairly healthy < $5k.
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Right now my Roon server is a Dell XPS 15. I am very interested in the Auralic Aries G1/G2. Is the G2 worth it over the G1? But you're right the G2 looks great.
Don't have any personal time with the G2 but it's getting almost universal praise from the higher end review sources I trust. I use a direct PC connection for my primary system but have been looking at streamers for a future purchase. Planning to separate the Home Theater and HiFi again.
Sonore MicroRendu, Auralic Altair, BlueSound for the budget win. Do you already have a quality DAC or are you looking for an all-in-one?
My DAC is the Parasound Hint 5 probably via USB.
That's a solid integrated, with that in mind I would more than likely go Sonore MicroRendu were I in your shoes. If you primarily manage via Roon you will be in good shape with that device. Can also add a LPS upgrade if desired.