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HE6se vs. Arya

Haven't seen much talk on here regarding these newer releases from Hifiman. I've been a huge fan of the HE-500 for the last 6 or so years. It is still my favorite sound signature even with the 20+ pairs that have followed it. When the original HE-6 was still in production I didn't have much interest due to cost and limited options for amping it properly. Once I had picked up amplifiers capable of driving it properly, and rectified myself to the >$1K cost, it became quite scarce due to all the Code modding going on. Now with the HE6se I have a chance to purchase it NIB again (although at a much higher cost). I was all set to drop $1800 on the 6se when the Arya came to my attention. Now I am a bit stuck in deciding between the two. I am a big fan of extended bass, fairly neutral response leaning a shade warm if I have to pick a side, amplification is not a concern. Anyone have time with either (preferably both) of these offerings? Thanks to anyone who might be able to provide hands on insight.
Megazine and Duncan

Not sure if this matters to you, but maybe the HIFIMAN XX will offer another interest for you when they release.
It was originally in the running but I'm pretty locked in to one of these two. The HE6 was on my list for years but the Arya impressions and some preliminary measurements make it seem more up my alley. Not to mention usable with more of my gear as the HE-6 will pretty much be the Cayin, some speaker amps and maybe my Lyr. The Arya would work with most of my amps as they tend to run in the 1W plus range.
Hifiman offerings always lean a bit bright, regardless of their low end extension. The Sundara is supposed to have the least brightness, and the Arya borrows a little from it...but they're still bright.
HE4/5 along with the some of the lower end newish releases I would tend to agree. The 500 not so much but they do have less than linear treble response which can come across as "Tzzz" with some material. Own both Grados and Beyers, which I would definitely call bright, the Hifiman's I'm familiar with don't compare to those two house sounds. I don't need a dark tonality, I've got many pairs on either side of the "neutral/natural" line. Some reviews state the HE6se is just more of the HE500 sound, others have issues with it's treble. Neither of these are available close by to listen so was hoping someone out there had some familiarity.