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Original Grain!!?

Has anyone looked at the Whiskey Collection ??
The Brewmaster & Redline are really nice!!
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how can u buy something so overrated and overpriced, they sell 975$ watch cheap movement that 200$ watches has
I see Hibiki but where is the Yamasaki?
If your addressing me, Yamazaki-San is hanging out quietly with Nikka-San, Akashi-San, and Ichiro-San, discreetly. Hibiki-San represents quite nicely at the party.
Cheers, and welcome to the boards
Haha, I sipped some Hibiki last night!
Got this beauty yesterday! I can send you $50 off code to get this for $169 shipped
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Sent it to you let me know if you get it and buy anything!
Did you end up buying one?
Charge your phone! Awesome watches though. Charge your phone though.
Jack, Beam, Makers. Kept breaking out!
Think I'm going to have to pay full price if I am going to have one of these.....
I visited three different whiskey refineries...... If that's All they are going to make at one time; it is not enough, I'll have to pass!!!
Which ones?
These seem to have a descent feature set, and these should prove to be better than most of the wood watches out with the Miyota movements installed. As for a "whisky collection", this is my idea of one....
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Yes! Agreed on all points.
As for the Oban, I realized that you could see the label through the Cardhu and it was no longer a guess.
You win at things!
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