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Giveaway: One-Liner Stories Contest (CLOSED)

We want you to share your creative, funny, scary, tragic, thoughtful or witty one-liner stories for a chance to win our fountain pen giveaway.

HOW TO ENTER 1 - Handwrite a one-liner story (12 words or less, one sentence). 2 - Take a picture of your story and the pen you used to write it with. 3 - Upload your image in the discussion below.
See full contest rules here:
THE WINNER The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the contest period on Friday, August 25th 11:59PM. (Inappropriate stories will be flagged and removed because.. obviously.)
THE PRIZE The winner of the contest will be sent a LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen, one of our finest utensils.

Good luck, and happy writing!

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Is this contest and / or giveaway still going on?
We awarded the prize a few months ago, but I encourage you to share your one-liner story anyway if you have one. You're welcome to either way.
Pilot fountain pen w/ iroshizuku ink. color: tsuyu-kusa
I did enjoy seeing all the mostly wonderful images of fountain pens...
I like scotch, too... and keyboards... I'm not sure you wrote scotch but I'm drinking now so...
it's scotch, right?
It doesn't matter you wrote or didn't, but I think scotch and keyboard are best inventions people made.
Oh puhlease folks! Read the rules, there is nothing mentioned about how the entry is judged, just a requirement of up to 12 words. If the content were to be judged then I should be the winner! 😈Grats @Sputnik19 you lucky bastard!
BTW does Sputnik come in a female gender in Russian? Sputnika?
GREETINGS ALL! We have our official winner! Congratulations, Sputnik19!
Thank-you all for participating! We were absolutely blown away how many people took part in this and very much look forward to doing this again soon. So stay tuned.

ALSO! Just because this particular contest is over doesn't mean you can't submit more of your one-liner stories. Feel absolutely free to keep the discussion going and keep submitting your stuff.
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Thanks. :) Forgot about this contest.
"Yes" on doing it again soon.
Written with my Delta Dolce Vita.
📢 Hey guys! We're announcing the winner this week! The contest might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't still contribute your one-liner stories. Thanks for participating and stay tuned for the official winner announcement.
And the winner is??
Your timing is actually funny because I literally confirmed the winner 2 minutes ago haha. Whenever we have these giveaways/contests, we reach out to the winner via e-mail to make sure they accept being the winner and I literally just got that confirmation. I'll have a formal announcement following shortly!
It ended on the 25th :)
Is the winner announced? How do you know if you have won or not?
Same question here
I mean, I'm all for the idea of Massdrop and awesome, fun competitions. But seriously, there needs to be some kind of structure here, some kind of announcement. At least say 'The winner has been selected, congrats!' Or 'Sorry, you did not win, but thanks for your one-liner!'
Great potential and idea, poor execution.